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Climate Strike 2015 was great, over 60 countries around the world joined and took action to protect and create a better future for humanity, a clean and cool future.

The United Nations climate negotiations (COP21 in Paris) didn’t bring the results we need.

That���s why Climate Strike 2016 is ready to fight back!

But now with 3 Action Days!

1. Keep Fossil Fuels in the Ground Day – May 2016

Keep it in the Ground

There are some heros out there, fighting the fossil fuel industry! Risking their lives to block and create resistance to fossil fuel extraction, it’s time for us to support and thank them!! Stay tuned with our Facebook and Twitter – we’ll be sharing cool info about fossil fuel resistance heros every month! Join the Keep Fossil Fuels in the Ground Day, by linking up with fossil fuel resistance organizations in your country, or by sending a Thank You Message to them!


2. Zero Emissions Day – 21st September 2016

Zero Emissions Day

It’s time to create the future we want, and for that we need ACTION. Join the Zero Emissions Day! ��Get together with your friends and share an activity that will not pollute our planet! Go out, take a walk, have a picnic, share the good things in life that are not harmful for our future. 🙂

Want some more action? Become one of our Clean Energy Agents!! Convince your School to turn to solar energy!! Contact one of our cool Climate Strike coordinators for assistance:, we will help you get 100% clean!!!


3. Climate Strike Day – November 2016

Climate Strike in Paris

Global Action Day is here, and we need you more than ever to stand up in solidarity for all human beings. Raise our voices. Create climate emergency awareness in your city, school, community. Let’s show everyone that we are READY for the CHANGE! We are ready to leave fossil fuels in the ground! We are ready for Climate Justice!! We are ready for Clean Energies!!  We are the HEROES NOW!

So organize a cool Action with your school!! Convince your principal to join Climate Strike and gather your WHOLE SCHOOL into Action!!

Educate your friends! The more we know the more we can change!

Register your action at and share it with your friends in social networks!!!


In addition we are preparing some materials to use for World Environment Day, Save the date: 5th June 2016. Get together with other people who are already active in your city and communities!! Take action! Climate Strike Day can be any day!

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