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The adult generations have promised to stop the climate crisis,

but they have skipped their homework year after year.

Climate strike is a wake-up call to our own generation.

And it is the start of a network that will solve the greatest challenge in human history.

Together. We need your hands and hearts and smarts!

Climate Strike Projects

We unite students for a

Climate Strike Projects

Our Demands

a sustainable world – for everyone

“I will not beg the world leaders to take care for our future I will instead let them know that the change is coming whether they like it or not.” – Greta Thunberg

Transition to 100% Clean Energy

We want governments, public and private sectors on an open roadmap for transition to Clean & Renewable Energy.


We demand an immediate halt in fossil fuel exploration and complete removal of fossil fuel subsidies.


Help Climate Change victims. We know Climate Crisis is mainly caused by rich people and mostly suffered by the poor.

skip school & organize a climate STRIKE

We recommend all climate strike events be peaceful.
For more ideas on strike events Click Here

DIVEST from fossil fuel

Skip School and urge the your school administration, or regional / federal government to divest from Fossil Fuel.

The technology for a 100% fossil free future is already available, we need action and implementation.


Go Out and make yourself heard:

Organise / Join an event for climate. Various local groups have been organizing climate strike around the world, some include. Fridays for Future, School Strike for Climate, if there aren’t any in your area, you can use these ideas.


Currently there are 3 Trillion trees around the world, but Additional 1 Trillion Trees can help bridge the Paris ambition gap.

Download the Plant-for-the-Planet App, plant trees and invite your friends.

sing for climate

Sing For the Climate is a worldwide singing manifestation. More powerful than a petition, and more accessible than a demonstration.

In 48 countries and in 577 cities, 401.099 people already sang ‘Do it now’!

About US

We unite students for a

At the Global Youth Summit in May 2015, we came up with the idea of a global school strike for climate action.
We have seen our politicians not doing their homework for years. They promised to avoid dangerous climate change, but they never delivered.

After a few meetings with participants from five continents it became clear that a global school strike would have transformative power by bringing thousands – or even millions – into an empowering global network while acting locally.

Core Team

We help you


I’m 21-year-old climate activist from Nepal. I founded Sano Sansar Initiativein 2006 to work for a sustainable future.


I’m 18 and from Azerbaijan. I’m volunteer program coordinator at SPARE Azerbaijan.


I’m 18 and from Germany.  I’ve been a Plant-for-the-Planet ambassador for five years.



I’m 22 year old Climate Activist and a member of the Plant For The PlanetGlobal Board.


I’m an Environmental Scientist from Malawi. I’m also coordinator at Youth for Environment and Sustainable Development (YSD).


I am the 16-year-old Youth Director of Earth Guardians and an Environmental, Indigenous Eco Hiphop Activist.


I’m 20 years old student at Mindanao State University- IIT, I’m a volunteer of Environment Online Philippines (ENO PH)


I am 21 years old undergraduate student of engineering. I work for youth wing of United Nations Environment Programme – TUNZA


I am a global citizen living in Chiapas, Mexico. I work on overcoming the fossil age and have started the Leave it in the Ground Initiative (LINGO).

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