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Get the energy transition going in your country, starting with your own school!

With this 2-month free online programme!

The Clean Energy Agents programme is an intensive training/action programme where you get up to speed on clean energy, plug into a global network of changemakers and start to make a change in your country, beginning in your own school. ��In parallel with the normal course, you are challenged to complete several CEA Missions.​
There are prizes to win at the end of the programme, and the Missions are key to determining who will win those prizes.

CEA Curriculum

Join the challenge!

Transitioning to clean energies is actually easier than you thought!!
And we are going to show you how!!

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+15 years old students, committed to their environment and future, worldwide, to solve the environmental problems faced by your school/community.

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You will be given a counselor that will guide you during all your journey. CEAs will have missions during the whole year needed to be achieved to be candidate of the final prizes!

Get your school free from fossils!

The main mission for 2016, get your school/ university/ community to stop using fossil fuels and run on clean energies!

What are Clean Energy Agents?

Clean Energy Agents are new change agents who will bring the change we need to stop the climate crisis and protect the future of the young ones in the world.
● They will gradually but massively stop fossil fuel consumption and start a global transition to clean energies.
● Their aim to protect our future and the future of the entire young generation. They know that the only way to ensure a good quality future is by cutting fossil fuels from our lives and turning to clean energies.
● Clean Energy Agents are committed to their future and their movement! They are active agents during the whole year, working hard to achieve specific goals related to starting the transition to clean energies and keeping fossil fuels in the ground, such as:

Switching their school to clean energy!

The Missions

● Give a presentation about Climate Strike on World Environment Day – or any other day.
● Send a video thank you message to Defenders of Mother Earth.
Organize a student motion to divest your school/university from fossil fuels.

●   Deliver a petition to get your school off fossils.
●   Organize a Zero Emissions Day activity.

●  Organize a Climate Strike action in Nov 2016.
●  Get your school to run on clean energy 
Get your school/community/university to divest from fossil fuels.

●  Deliver a petition for 100% clean energy in your city/state/country with at least 1000 signatures.

and many more...

The Prizes

Those Clean Energy Agents that successfully achieve all the missions during the year will have the chance to receive one of the prizes:

  • Solar panel plus inverter
  • Wind generator plus inverter
  • Solar reading light
  • Participation in an international conference/youth forum (tbc)
And Until May 22nd to be part of the very 1st generation of Clean Energy Agents!
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