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Stopping fossil fuel extraction is essential to keep our planet from climate chaos. People all around the world are fighting the expansion of fossil fuel extraction. Here are some examples of these defenders of Mother Earth: (click on the names to see a video)

Please also visit LINGO’s list of extraction resistance and find initiatives and defenders in your own country.

On Climate Strike Day, you are invited to prepare messages of thanks and appreciation for these people which we will deliver to them.

Fossil Fuel Divestment is also a very promising approach. On Climate Strike Day, everyone is invited to examine their links with the fossil fuel industry and move the divestment movement one step further.

Take a look at the infographic below to get an idea of what it looks like to have 5 times more fossil reserves than can be burnt, even if we accept to heat the planet by 2°C. Most of it must definitely be kept in the ground. But governments don’t talk about leaving it in the ground in the climate negotiations and in their “climate policies”. They ignore the issue, and keep subsidizing more fossil fuel extraction! This year, finally the Pacific Islands proposed to talk about it, in their Suva Declaration. They said we urgently need to have a dialogue on stopping new oil and gas wells, and especially coal mines. Kiribati and friends are calling for a moratorium on new coal mines. This is the way to go!

Beyond two degrees, run-away climate change looms. Governments are planning for extraction beyond 7 degrees!
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