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What is Climate Strike?

A globally coordinated action by the young generation to answer the inability of the old generations to solve the climate issue. They talk and talk and never reduce the use of fossil fuels. When they do in one place they simply ship them elsewhere. They talk about how sorry they are about global warming and then go drill for more oil in the Arctic.

What is the purpose of Climate Strike 2015?

1. Calling attention to the need for climate solutions now: 100% clean energy, keeping fossils in the ground, helping climate change victims.

2. Building a global network of the young generation to address the climate crisis together.

How can I (youth) join Climate Strike?

Either by joining a strike action near you (link to global map of Climate Strike Actions coming soon), or by organizing your own action. Check for examples of actions that others are organizing. And register your own action here.

What do I do during the Strike?

See for inspiration. Anything that has to do with overcoming the climate crisis together is fine.

Install solar panels on your school. Plant trees. Watch documentaries such as Revolution, Home, An Inconvenient Youth, etc. (what’s your favourite climate change movie?)

Of course the best is when the whole school can join in an activity, but if that is not possible, smaller actions also count.

Why should we skip school for the climate?

If we keep going in the direction of today (extracting and burning more fossil fuels every year), then there will be no future to speak of for our generation. Why should we continue studying as if the future mattered, when our future is getting burnt down right now? We must stop this and skipping school for one day to come together and find ways to stop this madness is the least we can do! Our generation will be left to sort out these problems. So the earlier we start addressing them, the better we will be able to deal with them.

What if I cannot skip school? Can I still participate?

Yes, definitely!

In many countries, skipping school is not perceived as a positive act of emancipation, but rather as negative behaviour. In those countries, our partner organizations often do not invite to skip school, but rather to do Climate Strike actions during breaks or after school.

You can also invite your director to join Climate Strike with the whole school. After all, many of the adults – teachers and others – are basically on our side when it comes to fighting against climate change. So please definitely look out for them and work together with them!

How can I (company) support Climate Strike?

By donating to our post-2015 mobilization fund which will be used to facilitate work coming out of the network of climate strike organizers and building on that foundation in 2016, mainly through travel support for national conventions of climate strike organizers.

How can I (institution/NGO) support Climate Strike?

By supporting and forwarding the call to all students in your country/city/area.

By linking with the students organizing climate strikes in your area of influence. Share your know-how with them. Jointly organize activities on Climate Strike Day.

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