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We sometimes hear that we should call on politicians to fix climate change in Paris. As easy and attractive as this sounds, unfortunately it is not likely to happen.

Here is a projection of what governments are planning to pledge, sign – and surely celebrate as a “great step forward” – in Paris: an increase in global emissions!

The projected “Paris Accord” will seek to implement the “INDC Scenario” – allowing global emissions to increase for another 15 years. (Source: IEA 2015) Note: INDCs are “Intended Nationally Determined Contribution”, meaning what countries are willing to “not pollute” voluntarily. They are the building blocks of the Paris Accord. When you add them up, the above scenario arises.

LINGO has analyzed the trends in the biggest fossil extraction sectors and the likely impact of the Paris Accord on their further development. The result: they can keep growing in most cases. (See: Paris Mirage)

Because governments are not going to stop this in time, we have no choice than to do it ourselves!

That is why Climate Strike is necessary. And it is also why Climate Strike is just the first step of our generation to overcome the huge challenge of ending the fossil age in time to avoid run-away climate change. We are going to burn through the 2° red line in just 15 years, if we accept the Paris Accord. See this infographic to understand where we stand in the climate crisis right now.

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