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You like the idea?

Join us!

Organize a climate strike action in your own school or town!

We'll help you get started...

The campaign:

Skip school.
Organize a climate event.

This is a joint, global effort with local actions as diverse as people are on this planet.

Talk to your class. Join an already existing climate campaign. Or organize your own. We can overcome the climate crisis – together.

Proposed actions:

  • Hold a skype conference with the young climate activists gathered in Paris for COP
  • Install solar panels on your school
  • Create a thank you message to Defenders of Mother Earth
  • Learn about 100% clean energy scenarios and plans for your city or country
  • Learn about children in Bangladesh who have to swim to school due to climate change
  • Deliver a petition for 100% clean energy to your mayor/governor/president
  • Learn about climate issues through documentaries or invited speakers
  • Give a presentation on climate change in your class/school/community
  • Perform arts like painting, music, short plays, poetry, dance, etc.
  • Urge your school to divest from fossil fuels
  • Block a Shell gas station, because they are trying to drill in the Arctic
  • Organise a tree planting and register your trees
  • Sing for climate
  • Visit the offices of a politician or company that will take an important decision for our future
  • More ideas to come…

Got more ideas?

Share them with our community through [email protected]!

If you would like to get more deeply involved in the organization of the global Climate Strike, please take a look at the Working Groups and contact the one you would like to collaborate with.

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