We, the organizing team behind the Climate Strike, have split into the following working groups and look forward to more helping hands from around the world to make Climate Strike rock:


We want to upskill everyone on climate and make sure that before and during Climate Strike Day everyone can learn and grow. Join us to help organize educational events on climate over the internet and in real life all around the world! Contact: education@climatestrike.net


We make sure that we reach our goal of one million students on Climate Strike on November 30th, 2015. We also communicate with external partners. Join us if you want to help mobilize huge numbers of students for Climate Strike in your country or city! Contact: mobilization@climatestrike.net


We get the word out through press and media. We train Climate Strike organizers on how to approach media, write press releases, etc. Join us if you would like to get media coverage for Climate Strike in your country or city! Contact: media@climatestrike.net

Social Media

We make sure that Climate Strike goes viral in the social media. Join us if you want to create memes and other content for social media! Contact: socialmedia@climatestrike.net


We create and manage the website. Join us if you have technical know-how that you would like to contribute to making it even better or have some time for doing maintenance or translations! Contact: website@climatestrike.net

Contact Us

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