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Climate Strike is a global movement. At the central Climate Strike event in Paris on November 30th we want to link this global movement together. Not only by having participants from all around the world present, but also by video conferences with those not present.


Proposed video conference session schedule

(90 min, including 60 min video conference)

1. Local Climate Strike activist gives a short presentation about the climate crisis and Climate Strike. Download the presentation. (15 minutes)

Video link:
2. Climate Strike participants from several countries give a short overview of where they are from, what they work on back home and what has happened so far at the Climate Strike event in Paris (15 minutes)
3. The local group shares what action they have done for Climate Strike in their school (15 minutes)
4. Questions & Answers, both ways (15 minutes)
5. Next steps: action proposals for December 12th, ideas for actions in 2016, working groups that will work during COP and need remote support (15 minutes)

6. Exchange on impressions (10 minutes)
7. Follow-up on next steps committed (5 minutes)


Registering for a video conference:

If you would like to take part in the video conferences on November 30th, please fill out this form.

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